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Ectomocoris elegans(Fabricius, 1803)

Adult Male, pinned specimen: A - Dorsal view B - Lateral view C - Ventral view.
This image was contributed by Yeo Huiqing as part of her undergraduate final year project in NUS.

H Yeo
All Rights Reserved
Identified By: WS Hwang & H Yeo

Basic Information

Arthropoda: Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cimicomorpha: Reduviidae: Peiratinae
Residency Status:


Identifying Features:
Body generally black and yellow, legs reddish-yellow.
Anteocular portion of head and rostrum yellow.
Sides of clavus, apical part and veins of corium, and basal part of membrane yellow


Reduvius elegans Fabrcius, 1803
Ectomocoris elegans Stål, 1868
Pirates elegans Walker, 1873
Pirates inscriptus Walker, 1873
Eumerus (Eumerus) elegans Stål, 1874