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Creatonotos gangis(Linnaeus, 1763)

Image acquired with permission from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, United Kingdom.
Specimen locality: Singapore
Label transcription: [Specimen imaged by Y.C. Ang, 2016 OX.UNI.MUS.NAT.HIST. (OUMNH). [AYC 337]] [Creatonotus gangis (Fam. Arctiidae, Indo-Malayan Region] [gangis, Linn. = interrupta, Linn. = francisca, Fabr. = continuatus, Shoote] [SINGAPORE, Tanglin Distr. Coll.July 23 to August 5.1904 & pres. 1904 by Ed. Lor. Meyer.]

Yuchen Ang
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Basic Information

Insecta: Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae
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